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Website Design, Construction, Hosting, Support and Optimisation.

Your website designed, built, hosted and supported for you by us. Get your business seen on the web so your customers and potential customers can find out about your products and services and do (MORE!) business with you.

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Gone are the days when a company website was a nice to have. To do business in the world today you need a website. More importantly you need a website that is going to work for you. At Design My Site we work with you to acheive that objective.

Eddy Dodwell
Eddy Dodwell
This client uses the site to show his paintings. He is not interested in analytics as he sends all his visitors personally.
Aylwin Judo Club
Aylwin Judo Club
This site serves as a reference for coaches, members of the club and new members. Two successfull campaigns around London 2012 and the New Year have seen membership increases at the club.
Sussex Landscape Art
Sussex Landscape Art
Visitors can purchase prints and pay using Paypal. Paypal now processes Credit and Debit Cards for those without a Paypal account.
Tokei Fitness Centre
Tokei Fitness Centre
Redefining the focus at the Fitness Centre for the gym and classes without losing sight of their strong martial arts history. Monthly contact rate acheived within a week. The site is responsive which Google prefers.
Old Raineians Association
Old Raineians Association
This client is an old school association. This page shows the committee but the site uses a variety of techniques on different pages. Including a shopping cart which uses Paypal to take payments.
Sussex Landscape Art Wordpress
Sussex Landscape Art Wordpress
The home page for this site is a Wordpress blog with the regular html website linked to from it. The main site containing a page to purchase from.
Rotherhithe Waterside
Rotherhithe Waterside
The site has been desiged to be responsive which Google prefers. The client experienced a larger than normal email and call rate very shortly after the site was released.
VJ Management
VJ Management
This client uses the site to showcase actors and actresses. Each entry has th ability to audio and embeded You Tube video as well as a link to Spotlight.

...friendly, personable and patient, the work on my website has been extremely professional from initial contact through to the finished product. All round knowledge of web design, coding and hosting is excellent. It has been a pleasure to be able to have Design My Site work on my site and I would recommend them with every confidence.

Glen, Chichester.

We will work with you to build a web site that works for you and your business. We will discuss your requirements and options and agree a plan of action and implement it.
Should you not be happy with your web site for any reason then we will give you a full refund. ¹

...detailed and extensive knowledge in managing both small and large technical projects and able to adapt well to varying customer requirements.

Bruce, Bishop Stortford.

At design my site we will work with you to design your website, construct your website, host your website, support your website and take care of the day to day running of your website. We will conduct Search Engine Optimisation to ensure maximum visibility as relevant searches get directed to your website.

Get ahead of the competition and stay ahead!

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...Design My Site are both capable and enjoyable to work with. Very skilled in analysing complex business problems and presenting well thought-out solutions, often with an insight that many others have missed.

Nitin, London.

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Did You Know?

In 2008, 16 million households in Great Britain (65 per cent) had Internet access. This is an increase of just over 1 million households (7 per cent) over the last year and 5 million households (46 per cent) since 2002. ²

More and more people are turning to the internet to find products, services and information.

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